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How to earn money online with a blog or website

When creating a blog with the help of artificial intelligence, you always have to have a specific niche or topic to exploit, since it is not about choosing a topic and letting artificial intelligence take care of the rest. It is not as easy as it seems, it takes time and research to find out if what artificial intelligence writes is consistent with the topic we want to discuss on the blog.

Sometimes we just want to tell the artificial intelligence what to do and then neglect that and wait for a result that makes us money or imagine what to do and that by games of fate sticking a blog without making an effort, I'm not saying that nothing else happens. that it is very difficult to be that person with so much luck. The best thing before hoping for such luck is to also put in the effort to help that luck resurface and have an income of 4 figures in dollars or more to live comfortably on it.

Currently there are several sites to create a blog, soon I will be talking about each one of them as are the best known Blogger, Wix, WordPress among others.

Also currently more in this 2023 we are seeing an exponential explosion of artificial intelligence. We are now more familiar with the ChatGPT language model which is currently the leader and the most appropriate when it comes to writing coherent articles. We also have alternatives to explore such as ChatSonic, Playground or YouChat.

And what would Blogs be without images? Many people are afraid to add images from other sites, so there are options to use the same artificial intelligence dedicated to creating images such as MidJourney, Dall-e or Bing Creator.

Now when monetizing with blogs there are currently a variety of options. Among the most famous is the indisputable Google Adsense but others and no less important that have grabbed a lot of market are like Adsterra or WordPress Wordads.

With each one we have the option of earning money through advertising spaces within our website such as banners, popunder or social bar. There are many ways to earn money through pages dedicated to connecting those who want to position a good ad with those who have a space on the Internet with good visitor traffic.

On this page, various ways to earn money will be tested and a report will be given so that when starting a venture you are not going to jump into a void or throw away your money on pages that promise to earn money but without a clear vision.


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